kick-off announcement to ‘Welcome to Hell’-Demo | 06.07.2017 | FC⚡MC

At the kick-off announcement to ‘Welcome to Hell’-Demo on 06.07.2017 at the Fischmarkt in Hamburg activists from Mexico, Turkey, Russia and the USA talked about their fights against G20. Pleasant atmosphere was guaranteed by concerts of the Goldenen Zitronen, Neonschwarz, Capatin Gips & Jonny Mauser.

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“Welcome to Hell” | An eye witness report with pictures

Manifestation at the Fischmarkt

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"There was a good atmosphere at the St. Pauli Fischmarkt, when thousands of protestors met there early on Thursday evening under the slogan "G20 Welcome to Hell". Manifestation and a music programm brought about 10.000 people to the Fischmarkt - about 7000 of them later lined up for the demonstration."

“There was hitting and kicking, mainly by the police”: Summary of a witness report about the escalation of the Welcome to Hell demonstration on 6 July 2017

Interview: “Welcome to Hell”-Anmelder Andreas Blechschmidt

Der Anmelder der Demonstration “Welcome to hell” spricht über die Kriminalisierungskampagne der Hamburger Polizei und des Hamburger Landesamts für Verfassungsschutz im Vorfeld des G20-Gipfels und der Gegenproteste. FC⚡MC-Aufzeichnung vom 6. Juli 2017

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